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Basic Sounds

Welcome to the Weakest Link

Anne's Phrase

Let's Play the Weakest Link

Who has Outstayed their Welcome

Anne Doesn't use the Full Phrase

The Team reach their Target

The Team reach their target for the second time


Spoof Questions 1

Spoof Questions2

Anne Phones a Chinese Restaurant

Radio Show
Radio Show2
Radio Show3










Videos >>

US Videos

UK Videos

UK Prime Time

International Sounds/Videos

Welsh Special

Reality TV Special Videos

Teacher's Special

US Comedy Special

Parkinson Interview

UK Family Special

UK TV Presenters

Anne's Crowning Of TV's Biggest Bitch

UK Newsmakers Special

Transvestite Special

UK Comedy Special


BBC Trailer

NBC Trailer

Big Brother Trailer

Welsh Weakest Link Trailer


Anne on Conan O'Brien Spoof

Anne Talks to a US Talkshow Host

Cool Stuff>>

Woogie's Interview





UK Game
Featuring Anne

US Game
Featuring Anne

General Game2
Featuring Anne

Weakest Link Smackdown

German Game

UK/US Games


How to Download>>

Open up your Real Player, right click over the video title, copy shortcut and paste into the browser in Real Player.

What's On Offer>>

This section contains a comprehensive collection of Weakest Link material that is available to download for you to enjoy. You can also take part in any of our available games.

Phone Logos>>

code: 33133


To receive your logo, you will have to call 082 232 8100 (UK Only). Calls will cost approx £2.50 in total.